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ecogeo suncheon bay garden


Suncheon Bay, one of the world's 5 coastal swamps

Welcome to the SUNCHEON BAY

jo chung hun

I am very glad to meet netizen.

Welcome... Suncheon Bay is rapidly gaining international recognition as a natural eco-system and protected wetland
on the Korean peninsula.
In December 2000 The Korean Marine Fisheries Department declared Suncheon Bay a wetland preservation area,
and in 2004 it had the Bay added to the International Network for Preserving Hooded Crane.
On January 20, 2006 it was Korea's first domestic coastal wetland to be registered
with the RAMSAR Convention.

Suncheon Bay is outstanding for its displayof dense reeds, its provision of habitat
to a variety bird species (local as well as migratory) and its tidal setting.
The natural "S" shape of the Bay is one of Korea's best settings for sunset photography.
In July 2000 the Korean South-Sea Tourism-Belt-Development-Project gave the
go-ahead for a natural ecological park to be developed at Suncheon Bay.
In November 2004 this park opened its doors to the public.
I personally invite you to experience Suncheon Bay as a place
of unique nature and beauty.

thank you
The Mayor of Suncheon