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Welcome... Suncheon Bay is rapidly gaining international recognition as a natural eco-system and protected wetland on the Korean peninsula.

In December 2000 The Korean Marine Fisheries Department declared Suncheon Bay a wetland preservation area ...


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Tour around Suncheon Bay - Tourist attractions of Suncheon Bay which provide abundance of sightseeing
  • Suncheon Bay Eco-Museum

    Suncheon Bay Eco-Museum

    This is the space that has been provided to preserve various ecological resources of Suncheon Bay and provide academic researchers for the resources as well as ecological learning for students and the general public.


  • Suncheon Bay Observatory

    Suncheon Bay Observatory

    Geological and locational distinctiveness It is relatively located in the low latitudes with the north latitude of 34° 52′37″ and longitude of 127° 31′45″ and it is only of the few nationwide to be constructed in a plain area.


  • Sounds of nature experience center

    Sounds of nature experience center

    The sounds of nature experience center of Suncheon Bay is the nation's only sounds of nature experience center where various natural sounds heard in Sucheon Bay, a land full of life, can be heard. In addition to sounds of ...


  • Suncheon Bay literature hall

    Suncheon Bay literature hall

    Suncheon literature hall celebrates the literary world of artists Kim Seung Ok and Chung Chae Bong who came from Suncheon.


  • Cruise tour

    Cruise tour

    You can get a chance to view the extended mud flat, reed colony, and migratory birds from up close, and We provide tourists with tourism commentators through their very special explorable ecological trip.


  • Reed train

    Reed train

    Hop on the reed train and get a chance to become mesmerized with the literary world of artists Kim Seungok and Jeong Chaebong. Additionally, the sight of romantic plaza which resemble French culture and gardens in addition to Nante Garden ...


  • Reed deck

    Reed deck

    a 1.2 km long reed deck which makes you feel as if you are flying around the reed field When Mujinkyo of Daedae dock, the literary background of 「Mujin trip, is passed, then a reed deck which stretches out for 1.2 km and provides the feeling of ...


  • Yongsan observatory

    Yongsan observatory

    The S shaped waterway, the representative landscape of Suncheon Bay, can be seen from the Yongsan observatory. When Mujinkyo is crossed from Daedae dock and the reed pathway is followed, then it leads to a road towards Yongsan.